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2009/06/20 - 2009/06/28
Eröffnung Uhrzeit: 

Blumenstraße 28,

Simone Braitinger
Andrea Golla
Pascale Schwarzenberger
Kathrina Rudolph

This was the last exhibition of raum 500 before the project had to close down as a result of the closure of the whole building at Blumenstrasse 28.

In the same way dissolution has become the subject of the installations of the four artists:
For their objects and sculptures they use worn clothes, that are swinging through space, stinking fags embedded in odours of beewax, created a floating universe of women who maintain - really or only in our thinking?- the world, formulate projections transcending material and immaterial world and build  accessible enclosures as locations for our dreams and desires.
The shape they use for their presentations is designed as the ultimate shape of endlessnes and perfection, mirroring presence of beginning and end, rejection and enclosure at the same time.

Simone Braitinger

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