Kathrina Rudolph, Works On Paper/ Painting

2017/03/06 - 2017/03/31

City Hall Stadtbergen, Oberer Stadtweg 2, 86391 Stadtbergen
Introducion by Dr. Gertrud Roth- Bojadzhiev, Art Historian, Augsburg

Kathrina Rudolph is showing new works in the City Hall of Stadtbergen: Works On Paper and Paintings.
During a workstay in Finland in the summer of 2015 the series "Greens" was developed. There are 6 sheets of an old tapestry found in the wardrobe of the residency- on which she applied many variations of Blues, Greens, and Browns into the leafpattern of the tapestry. As a manifestation of light situations during different times of the day and different views from the house these images are meant as an approach to the subject of landscape painting.
During the same time there were made the small Pop- Up Stages, their images cut out from old Finnish journals of the 60s to 80s, telling in a funny way the story of two artist friends during their workstay in the same residency.
In the series "New works on Paper" Press - inspired by the technique of screen prints of the Pop Art Era- photos, mostly Film Stills from Newspaper- reviews  were enlargened and painted with eggtempera with means of cut out patterns on Paper.
In the series of the "Collages put into Scene" selected works from the series of the "Collages" were transformed into relief-like structures using tinfoil, telling stories of  human beings and their relationships.



Kathrina Rudolph, Ausstellung Ratahus Stadtbergen, 6.3. bis 31.3. 2017