Get closer- show from out of the lockdown

2021/05/18 - 2021/05/29

sénsemble Theater, Bergmühlstr.34, Augsburg

"Get closer" is an exhibition made for all artists, curators and galerists, for all who make art and love art and had no chance to do their work and show their work within the difficult times of the corona- lockdown.
I used the invitation cards of artist- friends and galleries out of my collection since about 2005 to make pop- up cards about one artist friend together with 2 or three more cards. My intention was creating a small stage and telling a funny story changing the image of the card somehow into something else.
I offered the artists one date to see the show all alone together with me on acertain time and day due to the regulations of Corona conditions at that time.
Forunately I was offered the stage of the sensemble theatre in the culture factory where my studio is, to show my works thanks to them.
After the end of the show each of the cards was sent to  the artist,  the show was supposed to dissolve.